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Every Solution Begins With a Problem

In 2005, the Colorado Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was faced with an issue that required immediate attention. The agency needed to develop a secure enterprise system network, described as a Fusion center, that could interface with the Department of Homeland Security’s networks centers. Since this was a new concept with no infrastructure or model in place, the situation posed a unique challenge.


Because of his extensive experience with providing information technology solutions, Dwight Cunningham was approached and given the responsibility of designing and implementing this secure enterprise system network. To efficiently handle the scope of the project, Mr. Cunningham formed Advanced IT Solutions (AIS) in August 2005.


AIS handled the project’s system design and management including purchasing, timeline management and vendor coordination. Some solutions that were implemented were increased security measures, increased accessibility for those within the organization and the general public.


Less than ninety days later and below budget, the project was completed. The result – an increased efficiency in network based operations and a blueprint that allowed the agency to move forward with their programs. The implemented network was later called a model for Fusion Center systems and future Colorado Department of Homeland Security Enterprise Networks.


Since the successful completion of the Colorado DHS project, the firm moved on to work with various State, Local and Federal agencies, as well as private sector organizations, assisting them in overcoming their own unique technical challenges.

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